Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will GBH be operational? We finished construction mid-October 2011, and took in our first baby at the beginning of November 2011.

2. How many babies will you be able to care for? Our ideal number of babies is 12. We will start with a few and increase in numbers as we train staff, create policies and procedures, and raise operational funding.

3. At what age will the babies grow out of GBH? Where will they go? We will evaluate each case individually and decide what is best for that child. Ideally a child would be potty trained and able to dress itself before leaving. If there is space available they would likely transition over to the Children's Home.

4. Will you have full-time staff or volunteers? Where will they come from? We have several full-time YUGO missionaries who work in the home. We also plan to have YUGO interns; short-term volunteers who will spend 2-6 months serving at GBH. We will eventually have full/part-time, paid, Mexican staff as well.

5. Where do the babies come from? For different reasons, the Mexican authorities will remove a baby from the home or hospital. If no suitable relative is found, the Mexican Social Services (DIF) will then place the baby in an orphanage. The baby remains a ward of the state while in our care.

6. Can babies be adopted? Mexican nationals can adopt Mexican babies through the DIF. As it stands now, international adoptions are rare and difficult. GBH has no control or influence over the adoption process governed by the state of Baja California.

7. How are you funded? GBH is a ministry of YUGO Ministries, a NPO in the U.S. We receive no funding from the Mexican government. All our funding comes from the generous donations of individuals like you.

8. What is your current need? Based on information collected from other orphanages caring for babies, we anticipate a run rate of approximately $8K per month. Our current need is for consistent, monthly financial support, which will fund the operations of the home.


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