Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy November Continues

We recently had a visit from a team from Neighborhood Bible Church in San Jose, CA. Carl, Jonathan, and Rob worked tirelessly hanging the remaining drywall in the front room of the second floor and in three bathrooms.

One year ago, a team from Westgate Church was here to begin framing the Baby Home. This weekend they returned to help keep the project moving forward. The crew installed our sprinkler system downstairs and finished preparations for drywall installation. They installed the last of our insulation as well as staged some of the drywall in the rear of the building. After finishing the downstairs preparation work, they moved upstairs to help with hanging, taping and mudding some drywall. With the assistance of some helpers from Faith Bible Church in Temecula and after a few lessons from our dear friend Rody Johnson from Grace Chapel of Indio, the crew taped and mudded almost the entire front room of the second floor. What a blessing it was to have Rody there to get us trained and keep us from messing up.


Praise - All of the sprinkler system components and materials have been safely delivered and about 75% of the system is installed.

Pray - Pray for protection for the Baby Home. Our property was broken into last week and some items were stolen from our neighbor’s yard. Nothing has happened to the Baby Home itself. We believe it is prayer that keeps the building safe.

Share - We would love to come and visit your church and share the vision of Grace Babies’ Home. If you are interested, please contact Juan Strutton. (
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sprinkler System

Just a quick note to let all of you who have been praying know that our sprinkler system materials have arrived safely at our office in San Diego. They will be brought down to the Baby Home over the next few days.

Thank you for your prayers.
Posted by Juan Strutton at 11:09 PM

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Drywall

Things are progressing quickly with the drywall thanks to the amazing efforts of our last two teams. A group from Heritage Alliance Church in British Columbia arrived on Tuesday and continued the insulation, finished the stucco wire, re-wired our temporary power lines into the building and pre-wired all of our emergency lighting and signs. They primed and painted the stairways and prepared the entire second floor for the team from Grace Chapel of Indio. GCI finished hanging most of the upstairs drywall and taped and mudded about 75% of what was hung. The Lord has also sent a few local helpers; one of them is a drywall finisher by trade. God constantly reminds me that this is His project and He desires to see it finished more than I do.


PRAY - Pray that God would fill our calendar in December and January with teams that have the right skills to keep the Baby Home project moving.

PRAISE - Our sprinkler system is on order and should arrive next week. The design is complete and we will be ready to install once the materials arrive.

SHARE - Use the share button to get the word out to those that would be willing to come and invest their time and talents toward God’s work here at Grace Babies’ Home.

Posted by Juan Strutton at 11:02 PM

Monday, November 8, 2010

Horizon Returns

This past weekend marked a milestone in the progress of the Baby Home construction project. We have officially entered the drywall stage.  The day after the successful delivery of our donated drywall, the team from Horizon Christian Fellowship began hanging sheets in three of the upstairs bedrooms. The rest of the team along with a few visitors from Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara worked on several other projects including the waterproofing of the second floor patio, insulation installation, stucco paper, stucco corners and the installation of some of the shower plumbing fixtures.  Also, there were some minor last minute framing changes that were completed.


PRAY -  We have received part of the plans for the sprinkler system and the materials are on order. Please pray that we will be able get the sprinkler system installed in the places where we need to continue with drywall.

SHARE - As the Baby Home approaches completion, we will need to raise up faithful committed partners who can support the ongoing operation of the Baby Home both in prayer and in giving. Will you share the ministry with three other people this week?

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drywall Delivered

Yesterday all of our donated drywall was delivered. This was a direct result of God’s heavy hand of grace upon us and the generosity of many. Temecula Valley Drywall donated all 290 sheets of drywall. Ramirez Trucking donated their services to haul the 6 pallets from Oceanside all the way to the Baby Home. Corporaci√≥n Log√≠stica donated their services as customs brokers to clear the drywall thru the Mexican customs agency. Harper Corporation here in Tijuana donated a crane and crew to offload the 3000 lb pallets. Brothers in Christ from a local men’s rehab facility that our church supports came to load the sheets into the building. Lastly, our dear friend Jay Kawano and his company, FreshPac, were instrumental in coordinating the entire process. It is humbling to see the Lord show himself so strong on our behalf by putting a desire to help into the hearts of so many. Thank you to all who prayed so diligently for the safe delivery.

Posted by Juan Strutton at 10:56 PM

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