Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Home Update

Dear Friends of Grace Babies’ Home,

I want to give you an update on our current situation with the Mexican social services (DIF), and where we stand in the process of receiving babies.

We have been working closely with the DIF for several months now. As they attempt to create new policies and procedures around the placement and care of babies in orphanages, we are cooperating with each new demand and requirement they are implementing. While we continue to accommodate those in authority and government positions, we are certain that the king’s heart is a stream of water in the Lord’s hand that He channels towards those who please Him (Proverbs 21:1). As well, we are encouraged to know that ALL Mexican orphaned babies will benefit from the tedious process we are currently walking through.

Though we are still in a season of waiting on the Lord to fill our home with His babies, we can see evidence of His unseen hand moving all around us.

    Daily time in prayer and the study of God’s Word has knit our GBH team together. Through the study of Nehemiah, James, and now Joshua, we are being made like-minded towards the ways of God and how those ways are to be reflected in His vision for GBH.

    We have had the opportunity to be purposeful in the area of staff development. In April our GBH team attended a three-day orphan conference where we were flooded with the latest information on orphan care. Between the five of us we attended twenty-five different breakout sessions on various topics from attachment and trauma issues to laws and legalities with international adoption.

    After much time and effort, all of our staff now have Mexican Visas, Sentri passes, and are working on Mexican driver’s licenses. When we received the latest list of requirements from the DIF, we were pleased that we were already prepared with nearly everything they were asking for; including visas, police background checks, drug tests, etc.

    As well, we have been working on fine-tuning our own policies and procedures at GBH. During a recent visit from the head of the state DIF, she was pleased to know and see our policies for visitors and volunteers.

    We are also still hosting volunteer work teams. Some of our current projects are: wiring the cameras in the nurseries, finishing the fire sprinkler system, and installing a generator to power the facility in the event of emergency.

We are more certain than ever that this time of waiting and preparation is God’s plan. Day after day, He continues to affirm His control over our circumstances, and we are resting in His good and perfect timing. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued prayers and support during this time.

Whoever keeps the fig tree will eat its fruit; so he who waits on his master will be honored. Proverbs 27:18

Blessings in Jesus,
Juan Strutton
Posted by Juan Strutton at 8:50 PM

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