directions to gbh

1. Heading south on the 5 or 805, continue as if you will be crossing
the old border crossing at San Ysidro (Puerto México).
El Chaparral Tijuana

2. Right at the old border crossing, the road takes a sharp, more
than 90 degree right turn.
El Chaparral Tijuana

3. Next, you will drive down the new, but temporary road that takes
you to the crossing.
El Chaparral Tijuana

4. Notice the signs to either stay in the "Nothing to Declare (Nada
que declarar)" lanes or to take the "Something to Declare
(Autodeclaración)" lane to the right.
El Chaparral Tijuana

5. Next you will take a sharp left and line up in whichever line you wish.
El Chaparral Tijuana

6. Get ready to cross. Wait for the green light to let you enter.
El Chaparral Tijuana

7. Then you will pull up and wait for your green or red light to proceed. NOTE: RESET YOUR ODOMETER HERE!
El Chaparral Tijuana

8. Proceed to exit the customs facility and take note of the signs.
El Chaparral Tijuana

9. The exit to Avenida Internacional that leads to the Tijuana-
Ensenada toll road is to the far right. There are also exits to Zona
Río and to the Vía Rápida/Otay airport.
El Chaparral Tijuana

10. Bridge to Avenida Internacional.
El Chaparral Tijuana

11. Merge onto Avenida Internacional to head to Playas de Tijuana
and the toll road. The road will stay flat for a ways and then begin to climb a steep hill.
El Chaparral Tijuana

 12. At 3.5 miles there is a sign for the turn-off to Playas / Rosarito / Ensenada, DO NOT TAKE THIS EXIT. Stay to the left and continue going straight following the sign to La Mesa / Tecate / Mexicali.

13. 9.9 Miles from the border take the turn-off on the right for La Gloria/Santa Fe/Rosarito libre. Just at this exit you will see a military training area on the right, in the valley and on the hill. You will turn right alongside the edge of this training area, and will now be traveling on a new highway, heading toward Rosarito. Almost immediately on your left you’ll see a large colorful building called “DICO”, followed quickly by a PEMEX gas station.

14. Stay in the right lane of this road going toward Rosarito. You will drive past an off-ramp to “La Gloria/Tecolote”(10.6 miles). After passing this exit, continue up the hill a short way then take the very next off-ramp to the right called Blvd. El Rosario. THERE ARE NO SIGNS FOR THIS ROAD. (11.5 miles).

15. After taking the exit, stay on Blvd. El Rosario. You will pass one stop sign, a “Calimax” store (on the left), another stop sign, 2 “OXXO” stores on the right and then the Catholic church (on your left). Keep going straight on this road a little longer. When you see an “OXXO” on your left, proceed 100 yards further and then make a U-turn and turn right in between the OXXO and the Pemex station (There is also a sign that says “Colegio Juan Bosco” at that corner). After turning right onto that road, go straight then turn right at the 2nd dirt street, driving toward a very tall cell phone tower. Grace Babies’ Home is just down the street on the right hand side.

GBH GPS Coordinates

117° 2'29.39"W

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