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Tía Mary

Mary Fruin is an amazing, young woman of God. We have asked her to write about how she came to be an intern at Grace Babies' Home and a little about her experiences here. We hope that her story encourages other young women to take this step of faith to come serve God's little ones in this way.

Hello All!

My name is Mary and I'm an intern at Grace Babies' Home. My family moved to Mexico on March 1st of 2008, with the vision of working with, and helping orphanages in any way that we could. As usual, things didn't really pan out as we planned. God had His own plan set out for us, which did involve construction on orphanages, but was mostly about other things. We've done a lot of construction, on orphanages, churches, feeding kitchens, etc., we've translated for groups (once our Spanish was at a proficient level), we've helped organize groups, we help in Sunday school, we're pretty much a variety show. But after almost five years of living in Mexico, God has directed some of us back to the ministry of caring for the fatherless. Shortly after some of the members in my family, including me, started volunteering at another babies' home, I offered my assistance to Jody, the intern coordinator and a good friend of mine. I started helping out once a week and a couple weeks later, I found myself filling in for the educational coordinator, Donna, while she was visiting family and friends in Jamaica. Well, when she got back I was told that they wanted me to stay on. I was offered a paid job, but lacked the correct visa to work in Mexico, so I stayed on as an intern. I'm SO glad I did!

My day is usually filled with fun. In the morning I have my alone time or I can go talk to the ladies that are on the morning shift. I usually try to do my laundry, Bible college homework, eat, and do my Bible study in the morning so I don't have to stay up as late at night. At 1pm I go on shift. There's an overlap hour between shifts for a changing of hands, and staff meeting (Bible study, training session, games, and prayer), and then at 2pm everyone else, but Jody (my shift partner) leaves. The babies are down for their naps, and we eat lunch, chat, and sometimes work on our bible study if time allows. After that, the babies get up and the fun begins! We've done so many fun activities that it would be silly to name them all, but some of my favorites are definitely the water table, a walk to the market (usually on Wednesday mornings), finger painting, and a Jello sensory bucket (a plastic bin filled with Jello and toys). Most of our special activities require bathing afterward, so they get a bath most every day. After bath and a bottle, comes bed, and they are all back in bed by 7:30pm. Most days, are very fun. We have rough days, the same as anyone else, but we get through it and start anew the next day.

Being an intern IS hard... but it's TOTALLY worth it! I'm not particularly good at getting along with people, and guess what! There are people here! But I'm also surrounded by amazingly wise people, that are ready to help me at my beck and call! Being an intern, although very fun, does require you to give up of yourself, and every time we do that for someone else Satan throws a temper tantrum. You can expect it to be difficult because what you're doing is good! If you're thinking about becoming an intern, I would tell you to watch for depression, worry, anger, frustration, and any other sin you struggle with normally, because my experience is that the devil gets mad, and hits you where you're weakest. I don't want to scare you away from becoming an intern though, on the contrary! I want to help you be better prepared for the time when God starts pulling on your heart, telling you to go, and you start questioning.

God has been so good to me. Through my time here I have learned more about His marvelous creation and His love, the power of prayer, patience, and so many other things. This has been a huge growing experience for me, and I'm sure it will be for you too.

I would encourage you to start praying about how you can get involved in this ministry, whether or not that means becoming an intern. There are many, many ways you can help. Number one being, PRAYER! I can't stress enough the power of prayer. What a privilege to be able to talk to the God Almighty!

And as I say a prayer for you, I ask you do the same for me.

Until next time! May you be truly blessed.

Thanks for reading!

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If you are interested in serving as an intern at GBH click here for more information and to request an application.
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