Friday, September 21, 2012

How Are The Girls Doing?

A week has passed since Maria and Daniela arrived to our GBH family. Aside from Maria struggling with a bad cold right now, they are both doing extremely well. They are settling in to their feedings, naps and general daily routine. Both of them especially love bath time! Developmentally, they are improving everyday. It is really amazing to watch. When they arrived they had no strength in their legs and trunk, and little strength in their neck to hold their heads up. We had a dear friend, who is an occupational therapist, come evaluate them. She gave us some exercises that are helping to strengthen their core which is helping all other areas. By Wednesday of this week Daniela was able to play in an exersaucer, holding her upper body up and using her legs to push up and down. Maria is a little more behind, but we have seen great improvement in her too. You can pray for Maria, that this cold would quickly pass. It is frustrating her when she sleeps and eats.

Daniela loving the exersaucer!

Maria loving her bath!

Posted by Juan Strutton at 8:43 AM

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