Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good-bye Natalia

At GBH we have a sense of urgency in spiritual matters with the babies entrusted to our care. We don’t know if or when they might be adopted or reunited with family. At most, we will have them for a few years of their lives. We can compare this short time with Moses’ mother and the short, few years she had to prepare her son to live in Pharaoh’s home. For this reason, we are careful and deliberate about spiritual training.

The verbiage above is an excerpt taken from our GBH Policies and Procedures under Behavioral and Spiritual Guidance. These words were written long before our first baby was placed into our care. We knew that our stewardship over these babies’ lives would be for a season, and therefore our time with them would be of the essence.

Having said that, when Natalia was placed into our care three weeks ago, we loved her with all we had. We cared for her physical, emotional and spiritual needs to the very best of our ability. Her days were spent being sung to about Jesus, read to about Jesus, and prayed over while being rocked. Being our first baby, she took center stage as the star in our GBH family and lived that role with grace.

When we received the bittersweet call yesterday that Natalia was to be adopted and the social services was on their way to pick her up, we choked back our tears and put on brave smiles. We gently woke her up from her nap with kisses and hugs, and changed her diaper for the last time. We prayed God’s blessing over her life and sent her on her way to meet her new family.

We trust that Natalia’s life is in God’s hands, and that just as He divinely orchestrated her arrival at GBH, He is divinely orchestrating her placement into a family who loves her. Though our hearts are hurting for our loss, they are rejoicing for her gain.

Please continue to pray for Baby Natalia. Pray for a smooth transition and adjustment into her new family. Pray for continued healing as she was just getting over a severe cold when she left. Pray for God’s hand of favor to continue to cover her and protect her. Pray that she would continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As for our GBH family. While the Lord mends our hurting hearts, we are more passionate about our calling than ever. To be given stewardship over precious little lives with no promises as to how long that stewardship is granted, is an opportunity that comes with great responsibility. We are determined that while in our care; these little ones experience the presence of the Living God, the power of His healing, and the depth of His love for them. Please keep us in prayer as we continue to follow this call.

Posted by Juan Strutton at 8:46 AM

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