Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Few Good Men

It never gets old watching the Lord miraculously coordinate blessings for Grace Babies' Home. I have seen it so many times that if I blogged every one of them, I wouldn't have time for anything else. However, I feel led to share a little of what the Lord has been up to this weekend with a few good men and some of the resources that are ultimately at His disposal.

About once every other month for the last year we have had a group of faithful men come to work on the Baby Home from Grace Chapel of Indio. Rody Johnson has been on every one of these trips and has come down a few times on his own to keep things moving here at GBH. Rody is a retired police officer who now works part-time for the police department. Several weeks ago Rody was told that due to a clerical error he had worked too many hours for a retiree and had to take two weeks off. At the same time his son-in-law who is a contractor just happened to be starting a large remodel project needed some help demolishing a kitchen. He asked Rody to come and help. When Rody saw the beautiful kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops, he thought they would be useful for the downstairs kitchen in the Baby Home. For 6 hours, he carefully removed the cabinets and counter tops and loaded them into a trailer.

I received an email with pictures of the cabinets and countertops and immediately made plans to drive out to Indio and collect them. Two men from Grace Chapel of Indio were there to help me and a fellow missionary friend load the cabinets: Rody and Anthony Dean, another faithful member of the GCI teams that have come to GBH. Anthony is a contractor who just happens to specialize in tile and granite. We loaded the cabinets into the trailer and made plans for Anthony to bring the granite down a week later.

This weekend, three faithful servants from Grace Chapel Indio came down to install the countertops: Rody, Anthony, and my father-in-law, Lonnie, through whom we were first introduced to GCI.  The most amazing part of this story is the fact that the cabinets fit perfectly into the GBH kitchen. We didn't have to modify them in any way. When it was all installed Anthony remarked, "It is like someone designed these cabinets for this kitchen." "Someone did," I replied.

This story of God providing above and beyond what we had imagined, and then bringing His servants with the exact skill-set to accomplish the work can be told over and over again in regards to this project.  It is truly a work in which the glory belongs to God.


PRAY - Pray for the workers who will serve at GBH. God has selected them and is preparing them for service. As we begin to work with the Mexican Social Services (DIF) it is becoming more clear how important it is to have staff with medical training.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grace Community Bible Church Team

This week we hosted a team of 30 youth and 10 adults from Sandy, Utah. They kept busy all week on various work projects at the children’s home as well as the baby home. Concrete footings for our front wall/gate were formed and poured, as well as a sidewalk down the side of the building. All four nurseries and the two back bedrooms downstairs were primed and painted. Doorjambs and baseboards were installed as well as lights, fans, and electric fixtures. Yes, it was a productive week! It was fun to see color go on the walls and things start to really take shape.

With all that was accomplished this week, the greatest pleasure was not in the work that was done, but in watching and observing the workers. Every year this group leaves us with tremendous hope for the next generation. Their foundation in Jesus and His Word is so solid that it permeates everything they say and do. Their strong work ethic and their respect for one another and for their leadership is something that is not readily seen in most kids their age. Paint is nice but hope is much better.


PRAY - Please pray for the Lord to raise up His army of faithful, committed supporters to partner with us in funding the monthly operational costs of Grace Babies' Home. 

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Sunday, June 12, 2011


This weekend a lot of progress was made as we hosted a couple guys from Grace Chapel Indio for a few days and a group from Horizon Christian Fellowship on Saturday. Cabinets were installed in the downstairs kitchen. Walls were primed in the upstairs apartment and almost all the walls downstairs were textured. Baseboards and doors were painted and two bathrooms were tiled. We have a team of youth from Utah here all this week and they will pick up where these two groups left off.


PRAY – Pray for the group of youth working this week. That they would be kept safe and that God would bless them richly as they serve Him here in Mexico.

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