Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calvary Church of Santa Anna

This week we were blessed to have four men from Calvary Church of Santa Ana working on the Baby Home. Led by John Fenn, the group in various forms has had a hand in building every building currently at GCH. Their rich history of service here and the memories they have of this place are a huge blessing to us. This week they focused on some drywall finishing and installation of the sound proof flooring upstairs.


PRAY - The stucco team begins its work on Monday. Please pray that the Lord would hold back the rain long enough for them to get the first two coats on.

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GIVE - $40 per month will help us care for the babies that God has already chosen to live in this home. That’s $1.33 per day. Is there something you could give up daily that costs $1.33?
Posted by Juan Strutton at 7:21 AM

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